Don’t Read this if your name is Willie Crawford!

Heads Up Everyone!  The place to be is in Orlando, FL,  March 27-29, 2009 where we will celebrate Willie Crawford’s 50th Birthday Bash.  That’s right, the Internet Marketing Mentor is turning the big 5-0!  So, lets try and come up with fifty different ways to say, “Happy Birthday, Willie.”  PLEASE leave a comment below.  My goal is to collect 50 individual birthday greeting comments before we leave for Florida.  I will be making him a special card and delivering it to him personally.  It would be great for you to be there also, but especially if you can’t, just leave your message as a comment to this post and I will be sure to get it to him.




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17 Responses to “Don’t Read this if your name is Willie Crawford!”

  1. Roey Pimentel Says:

    Dear Willie,

    Wow, fifty years old – Welcome to the club… Oh, wait, I’m not in that club…(yet) Hah!

    Happy Birthday,



  2. Gene Says:

    Happy Birthday Willie! I just stepped into the big 5-0 doorway myself. Come on in, we have cookies! But bring your own prune juice.

    Here’s to another 50!


  3. Dennis Becker Says:

    Happy birthday, Willie, you youngster you! :-)

    As I write this note, I’m still hoping to make it down there to wish you a HB in person, but in case it doesn’t work out, I want to make sure you know that you have my wishes that the next half decade is even better than the first.


  4. George Stavrakakis Says:

    Dear Willie,

    It was great meeting you and your wife at the Earn1KaDay Summit.

    From one NC STATE alum to another: Happy Birthday! and congrats on just making it to such and old age!


  5. Wilson Mattos Says:

    Happy Birthday Willie! Thanks for the awesome information you gave us at the Earn1KaDay Seminar!

    Wilson Mattos

  6. Bruce Arnold Says:

    Happy Birthday Willie! Thanks for being such a sharing person and believe it or not, life begins at 50!

    Have a great second 50 years!

    Bruce Arnold

  7. Patricia Brucoli Says:

    Happy Birthday, Willie, and many more.

    God bless you as always in everything you do.


  8. Tina Golden Says:

    I heard that 50 is the new 30 so how’s it feel to be a young pup?

    Have a terrific birthday and thanks for all that you do in the IM community.

    Tina Golden

  9. Teresa Coppes Says:

    Happy 50th Birthday Willie! With many more to come. Enjoy your day.

  10. Jared Alberghini Says:

    Happy Birthday Willie!

    I know you can’t help it since you love what you do, but try not to do much “work” on your real B-Day… you’ve earned this ONE day off ;)

    Jared Alberghini

  11. Thom Meyer Says:

    I love it when kids celebrate a birthday.
    Happy b-day young guy and keep on cookin.

  12. Valerie Says:



    I hope you get lots of cute things like goats, baby sulcatta tortoises, cockatoos, and raccoons for your birthday!!!!!

  13. Dorothy Carlson Says:

    Happy Birthday Willie!

    50 years young!
    50 years experience!
    50 years joy!
    50 years prosperity!
    50 years goodness!
    50 years friends!
    50 years loving family!

    Next 50 surpassing the last.


  14. Kathleen Gage Says:

    To one of the most amazing men I know. It is truly an honor to call you a friend, colleague and mentor.

    Lots of love and great things for the next 50.

    Kathleen Gage

  15. Jim Okkema Says:


    Congratulations on being 1/2 way there. May the next 50 years be even better to you.

    Your friend in Crestview,
    Jim Okkema

  16. gareth Says:

    happy birthday old bugger

  17. Suthan M Says:

    Willie buddy,

    Happy Birthday man !! 50? Wow, your collector’s item now :-)

    Have a great day !!

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